Thursday, March 8, 2018

What To Wear For International Women's Day

Drage moje poodle, srećan vam dan žena!

Za mene ovo nije nikakav poseban dan, čak šta više smatram da nismo ravnopravne sa muškarcima i da jedina ravnopravnost koja treba izmedju njih i nas da postoji jesu jednake plate na radnom mestu. Za sve žene koje se osećaju dovoljno muški, samo napred, ja sebe vidim kao nežnu, smotanu i poprilično nodlučnu osobu, i ne vidim šta je u tome loše!

Ono što bih posvetla nacionalnom danu žena i što bih, bez obzira na današnji dan podelila sa vama, jeste samopouzdanje. Boldujte tu reč u glavi kao i pesmu confident. Uvek verujte u sebe, poštovanje ćete steći jedino ako imate isto i prema sebi, dakle galvu gore i držite se!
Hello my dear poodles and happy woman international day!

For me, this isn't such a spectacular day, I think that we aren't the same as man and that only thing that I think we should be equal are our salaries for the same job. It sucks knowing that we are less equal then man in the job area. For all those women that feel manly enough, I say go on, but I will always see myself as a girly, clumsy person who need a lot of time to make a good decision, and I see nothing wrong in that!

I would also like to say that no matter what special day it is, we should always feel confident and be brave. Pls mark that word and like this song confident, always repeat it and believe in yourself. You will have the respect if you have it for yourself, so go on and hit the road Jack!

Inspirisana samopouzdanjem, odlučila sam da potažim inspiraciju za današnji autfit kod jedne od moje omiljne stilske ikone, a to je gospodja Kim K, znam da je puno njih prozivaju ali šta god pričali o njoj, meni se zaista dopada ceo yeezi fazon, a naručito ovaj novi. Ako niste videli obavezno pogledajte ovde i ovde i recite mi šta mislite!

Inspired by the confidence and on of my favorite style icon Kim K (i know maybe some of you don't like her but I rely do, and also I love yeezi all seasons and especially this new one). If you haven't see some of the photos this one rely inspired me and this one too, tell me what do you think!

i ovde su stvari koje sam obukla
list of things that I wore
boots sammydresses
faux fur vero moda similar
pants hm
sunnies zaful 

još jedna lepa stvar se bliži a to je 500ti član mog bloga, kako uskoro ide i rodj bloga želim da radim i darivanje, pa mi molim vas napišite šta biste voleli da kupim (ja sam mislila neku majicu ili šta već mislite da je najbolje) nešto što bi vam se dopalo, predlažite u komentarima!

 I have one special thing to announce and that is my followers range its turning 500 almost, and very soon is my blogs b day, so I would love all of you to participate in giveaway, the only thing is that I don't know what should I get, so maybe you can type some ideas (I thought some good designed t shirt or something cool)in the comments bellow!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Shein Teddy Bear Coat

Zdravo drage moje poodle :)

Ovo je moja prva saradnja sa Sheinom i drago mi je da mogu da vam podelim svoje utiske o njima. Ako ste i vi radili sa njima obazevno ostavite komentar kakvi su vaši utisci!

Često imam potrebu da se zamotam u ćebe i tako zamotana gledam serije sa svojim psom, najidealnije je da imam i neki picu uz to i eto meni savršenog dana! Kada su serije u pitanju ja vam toplo preporučujem bold type i younger kao dve moje omiljene.

Insporisana toplinom koja mi uvek fali u životu, zaljubila sam se u tedi-ber kapute i mekane šalove. Ne samo da svi imaju potrebu da me bukvalno pomaze nego se i ja osećam ušuškano i toplo. Ovo nije nešto što bih nosila na planinu, da se razumemo, već po gradu samo i kad nema puno padavina jer tedi kaut upija vodu.

Ovaj kaput je veći nego što sam očekivala ali super jer zbog širih rukava; mogu nešto deblje i ispod da obučem, zaista je mekan i topao, ima jedno dugme na sredini i v izraz, pozadi ima veću kragnu (nije kapuljača) koja vas štiti od vetra. ostaviću link kaputa dole.

Hello my dear poodles :)

This is so far, my first collaboration with Shein, and I am so glad to have a chance to review it for you guys; if you had worked with them pls share your thoughts down in the comments!

My perfect day would be me wrapped in soft blanket eat pizza and watch series all day with ofc my dog! I enjoyed watching bold type and younger, my favorite ones, any thoughts on the series?

I am inspired by the softness that teddy bear coats have and other soft and fluffy items. So I was very happy to order this one from Shein and it came in 2 weeks, which is very fast, I usually get the items for like a month! I am so happy with how it came out. The coat is rely so soft and warm, just to say quickley this is not the coat that you would wear on the mountains bc its not supposed to keep you dried when it rains or snowing; its a little bigger then I expected to be, but its rely better in my opinion, that means you can wear something stronger underneath as well. It has one button on the center and it has V neck; at the back it has a great wind shield that looks like hoodie but it isn't, I rely like it! It gives you the extra look.

I noticed that everyone wants to cuddle me when I wear teddy bear coat and that it rely looks cute on everyone! I will leave a link down below.


Link of the teddy bear coat

Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to Look Stylish With No Effort

Zdravo drage moje poodle :)

Sa zadovoljstvom vam predstavljam drugačiji templjet i seriju How To postova na mom blogu, koja predstavlja min vodič koji je idiealan za devojke koje žure, koje su zaboravne, lenje, uspešne, pametne i najsličnije meni!

Svakome se desilo barem jedanput da nemaju vremena da se spreme, da su se uspavale da bi oprave kosu...ili je to jedan od onih dana kada vas jednostavno sve živo mrzi. Nadam se da će vam se dopasti i željno iščekujem vaše komentare!

Hello my dear poodles :)

I am so exacted to present you a different template and theme on my blog, this will be a series of How to posts that are quick and easy to recreate, these blog posts are ideal for lazy girls, clever ones, girls with intend to sleep more and not wash their hair, so many girls like me!

I know that everyone of us knows what I am talking about, you`l maybe in this situation once or twice or u r just like me, sometimes to lazy to get up. And of those days are coming up and you just want to be yourself and do nothing all day! Hope you like it and if so leave me a comment!

Pa kako da dodjete do tog izgleda sa najmanjim trudom, jednostavno ako mene pitate,
investirajte u fejk bundicu koja će biti u nekoj neobičnoj boji, vidjala sam dosta devojaka sa smelom pink bojom, ja sam se ipak odlučila za nežnu roze boju, nekako više ide uz mene.. Imate ovakvih bundica gotovo svuda i cena im se kreće od 3 do previše hiljada dinara. Tako nešto možete i napraviti ako ste kreativni i imate više vremena, ali ako smo želite da kupite i prebrinete onda savetujem da razmotrite i moju koju sam kupila onlilne u Zafulu, ostaviću vam dole link. Ovakav komad garderobe je veoma upečatljiv i ja znam da kažem da govori sam za sebe, tako da ostatak odevne kombinacije može da bude posve običan. Evo par sigurnih kombinacija:

1. all one look, što znači da je sve drugo jednobojno (dakle može biti i samo belo ili samo crno kapirate poentu) dokle god je u jednoj boji
2. with jeans sve isto samo uz džins klasičan model i patike dole izgledaćete super kežual i bićete primećeni
3.keep simple uz kombinezon dole možete i ravno i štikle, čizme šta već imate
4. full glam uz haljinu naravno

U svakoj od ovih varijanti ćete izgeldati boli gava. Recite mi da li se slažete i slobodno dodajte ako smislite još neke načine!

So how to look stylish with minimal effort, very simple if you ask me go invest in some fake fur jackets that is in some interesting color, I have seen a lot of girls wearing fuschia ones but these I have found too pink for me. Instead I found a light pink model that rely suits me. You can make them by yourself or if you don't have enough time you can found them online in Zaful like mine is. I will leave the link down below. This stylish peace is a great statement and the rest of the outfit can be quite simple and casual. I made a small list:

1. all one look, you can wear all black or all white or any other color that makes the outfit look in one color, it can be paired with a black fur jacket but I think with a pale pink or yellow it can rely look like you have put so much effort
2. with jeans you can wear the same outfit with a good pair of jeans and sneakers you will look elegant and casual in the same time and ppl will notice you
3. keep simple with jumpsuit and heels boots or anything you have
4.full glam with dress ofc

In every outfit you will look stunting, hope you like this post and if you have any cool ideas to share with us, pls so that in the comments!

Here is the link of my jacket

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Winter Jackt Dresslilly review

Zdravo drage moje poodle :)

Kako ste? Ovih dana ni ja nisam baš najbojle, ova godina je počela onako kako da kažem a da ne zvučim depresivno.. u najmanju ruku isto. Mojim dragim drugaricama još gore i sve zajedno nadamo se da je to samo jedan period koji će proći.

Ovih dana pokušavam da završim snimanje za moj jutjub kanal, želim da se posvetim više tome, to zaista volim da radim samo se iz nekog razloga stidim da se otvorim, znam da čudno zvuči ali svakako nije lako!

Sreća pa je ova zima za sada onako sunčana, ne volim sneg u gradu, jer mi se sve čizme unište od snega i soli, a kad smo već kod čizmica ove imam već 5 godina ako ne i više, i vrede tih 25hiljada kolko su koštale..dobila sam ih doduše ali znam koliko su koštale. Ako ste se pitali kako izgledaju prave ugg čizme posle kiše snega i tako puta 5 god evo kako. Boja im se malo razlikuje ako pažljivo primetite ali idalje su super!

Ovakvu jaknu sam dosta dugo tražila i želela da imam i hvala Dresslili-ju na ovoj saradnji, trebalo je oko 2 meseca da stigne, i jedina greška koju ima je da je natpis na ledjima isečen ali osim toga sve je kul. Kada naručujete online ili ovako, moj savet vam je da uzmete jaknu veću za jedan br zbog toga što možda obučete džemper ispod ili nešto deblje ako baš bude hladno. Kapuljača je ogromna što je dodatni plus kao i činjenica da je zaista topla, tako da ukoliko se nekome dopadne ova jakna i želi da je poruči moje preporuke!

Šal sam kupila u lc waikikiju, sve stvari  koje kupim odmah podelim na instastorijima, gde detaljno pričam o cenama gde sam bila, pošto ja pre nego što nešto kupim geldam sve cene i izbor i onda se vratim na ono što mi se najviše svidja. Tako da ukoliko želite da i vama olakšam u tome pratite moje storije :) možete me naći na ig @isidora_arodisi
Hello my dear poodles :)

How you doing?
These days I'm not in my best mood, bc a lot of things had happened to my closest friends and me. I'm not going to sound depressed or something but this is just like this quite some time. I am waiting for better days.

Im filming for my yt chanel and I cant wait for the video to be done, this is beside my blog, one thing that I enjoy doing and Im planing to speak in my vides but it is just so strange to me for no reason, idk.

Luckily the weather here is not so grouse! I don't like snow in the city bc when it happens my boots are starting to loose their quality bc of salt that they put on the streets. Snow is excellent on the mountain but in the everyday life you just hate it! And when I mention my boots, these are my uggs like 5 yo and Im know they are expensive but they are worth every penny! The color is a little different on the one side but for 5 years I am not mad at all!

These jacekt Im looking for so long, I wanned the pink fur arround the hoodie and I finally find the one. This is my collaboration with dresslilly and I am rely satisfiled with the quality of it. It took some weeks to come but it paid out! The only thing that I dont understand is  the text on the back, it cut on the very end of it, under then that its fab! Love the color as well. My advice when buing a jacket is that you always use  a size bigger, maybe it gets colder and you can wear jumper underneeth or something to keep you warm. 

Bought these scarf in Lc waikiki store and I shared it on my igstory, every time I bought something new I share it right away, or when I search for something I first look everywhere and then once I checked everything I purchase the best item, so if you are looking for some cool and not expencive stuff pla watch my ig stories! you can find me @isidpra_arodisi

Kako vi provodite ove zimske dane i da li vam se dopada jakna?
How do you spending your winter time and do you like the jaket?

link of the jacket

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Top 5 Winter Bags

Zdravo drage moje poodle :)

Ne znam kako vi, ali ja kada je zima u pitanju ne mogu da nosim običnu torbu, mislim da postoji neko grubo pravilo kakve su to torbe za zimski a kakve za letnji period. Logično je da one sa krznom nećete nositi na leto kao ni platnene torbe što ne bi nosili po snegu.

Naravno da postoje ljudi i modni blogeri koji baš potenciraju na ovakvom miksu ali to nije moj fazon. Ja smatram da svako treba da nosi to što želi, ali ako mene pitate postoje itekako pravila kojih se barem ja pridržavam, da li se slažete?

Hello my dear poodles :)

Do you feel like when its cold and its winter that you cannot wear your everyday bag? Like its just too cold for this! I believe that they are some general  bag ``rules``so I do believe that for example you cannot wear canvas bag on the winter nor fur bag on the summer.

Ofc some ppl are still wearing it no matter the weather season, but it isn't my thing. I think everyone should wear what they want ofc, but If you ask me they are some rules, don't we think?   

Tako da Vam u ovom top 5 postu predstavljam neke od mojih omiljnih zimskih torbi, moja ovu moju sam dobila od Sammydresses-a i ona je linkovana u br jedan naravno.

So in this Top 5 blog posts I will present some of my favorite winter bags, I get mine from Sammydresses and I linked it as a number one ofc.

1. Sammydress
2. H&M
3. Zara
4. Zara
5. Stradivarius

Saturday, January 13, 2018

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Review

Zdravo drage moje poodle :)

Pre svega, srećna vam nova godina i neka vam sve najlepše krene u ovoj godini!

Evo jednog posta za bjuti ljubitelje! Kao što sam i najavila na mom ig profilu, nedavno sam poručila ovaj puder, koji ne može da se kupi kod nas osim ako se ne poruči  preko ovog sajta. Bila sam škakljiva kada je izbor nijanse pudera u pitanju, ali na osnovu nekih bjuti jutjubera koje pratim pogledala sam njihove recenzije i pogledala sam opis nijansi na njihovom sajtu.

Hello my dear poodles :)

Before my post I just waned quickly to say Happy New Year one more time bc this is my post in this year, I tahank you for lovely wishes and I wish u all the best in new year!

This is one post for beauty lovers. In Serbia you cant buy this foundation, but I found a way to order it online. Before that I have never bought something from Beauty Bay. It was so strange to pick the right shade, I watched some of my favorite youtubers and their reviews and that was all of my guides when picking the right shade.

Sajt je jako jednostavan, veoma lako sam se snašla kad je šminka u pitanju, imate podelu po recenzijama. U suštini ljudi ne čitaju šta kupuju niti se informišu o proizvodu koji su odabrali pa možda otud to nezadovoljstvo. Uvek gledajte da makar i na jutjubu vidite kako nešto izgleda ili kako kome stoji…

 The web site is rely well organized with a lot of info about the product, sadly some ppl don't read them and I guess that’s why some of them are not satisfied. I always find the item on YouTube, and read the reviews but carefully and also I read the info about the product in this case foundation. Sometimes when you don't pay attention to it, you can be wrong for sure…

Kada pogeldamo opis proizvoda tu pise lagana tekstura pudera koji treba da pruži ful kaver, takojde kaže da je puder treba da pruži lagan osećaj kada se nosi i da daje radijantan look sa izrazitim sjajem, da, mnogo reči ako mene pitate. Nosila sam ga svaki dan 7dana i evo šta sam zaključila:

When I look into the description details I see A lightweight, full coverage foundation ideal for creating a flawless finish. Incredible coverage so you can create radiant camera ready finishes whilst caring for your skin. Yes so many claims. I wear it for 7 days now and here is what I think:

Puder za moj ukus nije full coverage, više bih rekla da je medium ali svakako može da se bildapuje drugim slojem, ima narandžasti ton, ali mislim da je to mojom greškom, ali ni to na meni ne izgleda mnogo strašno. Pokriva bubuljice, pruža taj lagani osećaj kada se nosi, to je tačno i tačno je da ima radijent look. Puder zaista (naravno ako se stavi kameni puder preko) traje ceo dan, ja nekad moram da se dotapkavam, ali traje, i sve vreme je tu ne gubi se intezitet osim ako ne trljate lice ili šta god. Ja sam mu dala 4 od 5 zvezdica zato što nema taj sjajni finiš i jer nije sto posto full coverage. Ako  bih morala da ga uporedim sa Mejbilin 24h matt bolji je drastično a ako bih ga poredila sa Loreal tru meč, rekla bih da loreal ima bolju pokrivenost ali ovaj mu daje neku jačinu i bolji finiš tako da je opet ispred njega. Ukoliko nekog zanima evo mojie nijanse

This foundation inst 100% full coverage, I would say its medium but u can build it up adding the 2nd layer to the face. Truly it is lightweight feeling every time when I put it; it has a orange tone, which I don't like but considering the warm undertones it may be bc of that. Foundation is longwearng if you bake or sett it with mate power and it rely gives u that radiant look which I rely like. I was given 4 out of 5 stars only bc its not a full coverage foundation but definitely better then Maybelle 24h mat foundation. L'Oreal thru match has better coverage but LA girl has better Illumines finish. If someone is interested to know my shade here it is.

I pre kraja malo o šipingu pošto verujem da vas zanima kako i šta. Bjutibej prodaje oreginalnu šminku, što se isporuke tiče moja je dosta kasnila čekla sam skoro 2 nedelje a trebalo je da bude za 5 radnih dana, ja sam im pisala da paket nije stigo, i njihova služba je bila spremna da mi vrati novac. Tako da moje preporuke za njih, morate znati eng naravno ako želite da im kažete bilo kakve inf o paketu ili ako niste zadovoljni za proizvodom, moguće je i vratiti ali te detalje ne znam. Sigurno ću i u buduće preko njih kupovati a nadam se i vi. I ovaj post nije sponzorisan, sve ukupno izašlo je 1500din sa sve carinom našu carinu nisam platilia za divno čudo.

One more thing about the shipping, I am so happy that they ship in Serbia and I was explaining my poodles from Serbia that they are rely professional and answered and help me about my late order. It came in 2 weeks although they sad it can be here in 5 days. I guess it was bc the holidays sometimes it can slow the shipping. I am satisfied with BeautyBay and will order again from them for sure!

Da li vam se dopala ova recenzija i ako jeste da li vam je pomogla pri sledećoj online kupovini?

Did you liked this review and if so has it been helpful to your next online order?

Friday, January 12, 2018

Zaful valentine's day sales

Iako smo još u Januaru, polako nam se približava Dan Zaljubljenih, iskreno nemam neki osećaj za taj dan ali ga uvek provedem sa dečkom. Njemu će biti sve jedno šta ja obučem i kako izgledam ali svakako ako neko od vas ide na dejt taj dan, srećno vam! Ovo je još jedna u nizu saradnji sa Zafulom, i oni baš na taj poseban dan imaju promo cene, pa da vidimo šta imaju!

Al thought we are still in January, Valentine day is coming. I don't have any emotions with this day but I always spend it with my boyfriend. For him, it doesent matter what I am wearing or anything but it is important to me. This is one Zaful collab about valentine days sales so we are going to see their sales:
This dress is so romantic is so cute and very light for this special day!
Ova haljina je toliko slatka i romantična da nemam reči!
Ova haljina je možda prikladnija za ovo naše vreme, veoma je zavodljiva otkrivakući ramena!
This dress is very seductive, it has cold shoulders which I like so much!
I poslednja haljina za ovaj post je ova providna sa cvećem. Vi svi znate koliko ja volim vez tako da nem potrebe tu da objašnjavam mnogo. Providna je i veoma seksi i mođe savršeno da se ukombinuje sa ostalim odevnim komadima.

And this one last dress is perfect for me and seeks the most! You all know how much I am addicted to embroidered and mash. This one is sexy in many ways and it can be dress up or down, according to your preferences.

Which one is your favorite?
Koja je vaša omiljna?

if you are interested in purchasing anything from Zaful use my code ZAKIRA