Friday, May 19, 2017

ZAFUL bikini high neck

Bikini High Neck is so in tend this season and i can tell that i will wear it this summer too! Think the high neck type is good  to balance with your bootie area, if you are the lower body person type just like me! I found these ones from Zaful and wanted to share with you guys! Zaful has so much and you can choose what you like obv, but these one are my personal taste and i hope you will like them too!
The most I like the first and last one bc they look so tropic and the black and light blue are more for casual type! But all of them are made from Nylon and Polyester  and they are all  Low Waisted as well!

The second type of bikinis that i like are these one called black bikini set and they are so luxurious! bikini-set/?lkid=61388
 I think i like every one of them on this photo! The first one is lace up, and perfect for me, and this strappy one is so sexy that I can feel me wearing them with hashtag #instafamous

And if I had to choose just the 2 bikinis for me this summer i will go with this one:

 love the pastel color so much!

cami plunge bikini top and high leg thong swim bottoms
pull-over design,and adjustable straps
it is also Low Waisted type of bikini made of Nylon,Polyester, and Spandex wich is great bc it means is is stretchy!

This one I fall in love with this Parisiane on the top! Classy and elegant if you asked me! This one is smaller than the international size for one size. If I red form their site corectley! But bra type is
Padded so this is definitely a plus!

Hope you like my wish list and found your favorite from Zaful!

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